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About Mike

I’m an MVP and also a Salesforce-certified administrator, advanced administrator, consultant and developer. I’ve been working with Salesforce since 2009, so consider me a bit knowledgable about Salesforce. Before that I was employed by NetSuite all the way back in 2004 helping them drive ERP adoption in the Cloud. So I guess you can say I have been in the clouds for over a decade!

Education wise I studied “Business Information Technology” at Bournemouth University, when there was no Internet or Facebook, only CompuServe and SPX/IPX. Yes that makes me middle age, but technology keeps me motivated and young. I have worked with a range of enterprises from the small to the very large and enjoy sharing experiences!

In my spare time I love spending time with the family, learning about new and future technologies and sharing those experiences all over the social web:

About Chris

I’m a Salesforce MVP and also a certified administrator, advanced administrator, developer, Sales Cloud consultant, Service Cloud consultant and Platform App Builder. I’m physically located in the south west of the UK but often found with my head in the clouds in one way or another.

In the five years I’ve been working on the Salesforce platform, I’ve been lucky enough to learn a great deal from our dedicated community of knowledgeable, approachable and helpful professionals, so I’m passionate about giving back to the community and paying forward some of that cloud karma. You’ll therefore regularly find me chipping in on the Success Community and, more recently, sharing some of my experiences and opinions on this blog and in the London Salesforce Admins user group.

If you enjoy or learn something new from one of my answers or posts, it has all been worthwhile. I’d love for you to pop your head round, say hello and let me know; you’ll find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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